Jade’s film now online

Cultural Olympiad 2010

Jade’s film is now online; watch Jade’s story here.

“Hello I am Jade; I’ve currently finished the film workshop; I want to tell them how much they’ve helped me discover my skill at doing filming and editting the clips; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. My best part was editting it on the massive screen. I really have enjoyed it so much. I would recommend it to anyone. Also I’ve discovered so much things through the course of this event. The first thoughts that I have thought when I arrived was instantly “What the hell was going on?” but as I managed through it my thoughts were; “I LOVE IT!” And had so much fun, I met lots of people in the event, Ivan, Justin, Kirsty, Cathy, Tom, Elspeth, Clare, Joanna, Joe, and Cathy (I know her already). They were amazingly great. I wouldn’t have met anyone like them. They were so lovely. I would love to do this event again if ever so. Thank you for ever making the event otherwise I wouldn’t have ever found my own skill. Thank you so much. :)”