How would you spend £1million on Dover?


People are always saying nothing happens in Dover or they can’t change anything. Well, now you can! Residents of all ages now have an exciting opportunity to make a lasting positive difference to their community.

Thanks to the Big Lottery Big Local Initiative, Dover has £1m to spend on resident-led projects over the next ten years.

This unique National Lottery initiative not only awards money to communities without an application, but more importantly lets the community decide how, when and what the money will be spent on.

The money cannot be spent on things that other bodies (e.g. councils) have a statutory obligation to provide and it must be spent on projects addressing local needs as identified and prioritised by the community. The aim is to increase skills and confidence locally and make Dover an even better place to live, work and play.

The £1m is only the start as there is no restriction on applying for additional funding from other sources, whether they be other Lottery streams, UK local or national government schemes or even EU funding sources allowing the available monies to be grown significantly over the life of the project.

 A Dover Big Local Facilitation Team, made up entirely of local residents, has been set up to get things started, but to manage the £1 million, another team will be set up as more people come forward and get involved.

The Facilitation Team are now starting on the first steps which is to organise a first Dover Big Local Event, begin a conversation and get as many people involved in exploring their vision of how Dover could be even better, by identifying the good things/groups/initiatives that already exist, the things that need changing, the skills that are needed and the things that are missing. The idea is not to form a consensus but collect a whole range of ideas.

Come and join the Dover Big Local conversation and help build up momentum and confidence around the programme.

You can get involved by joining the Dover Big Local Facebook group, Following Dover Big Local on Twitter @DoverBigLocal, getting on the mailing list by contacting our Big Local rep: Carl Adams or Ross Miller, Chair of the Dover Big Local Facilitation Team

For more information and news about the national Big Local programme visit