How to be creative with smart phone technology

Kearsney Interpreted

Jamie Jenkinson led two walkshops in Kearsney Abbey exploring how participants can use and bend the built-in qualities of their Smartphone’s technology when making their own videos.

The two walkshop days were without rain, sandwiched between 2 days where it rained all day – a good omen for these inspired walkshops.

The days started with a  briefing on camera phones and a tutorial about their use. This led to a lively discussion, inspired by the built-in algorithms that are  constantly trying  to provide what the user ‘likes’ and the implications of that for our world.

There followed  some practical experiments and a walk through the park to put the skills learnt into practice.

It has been really exciting looking back at the videos from the first two walks of my Kearsney Parks Artist Residency. There were some wonderful experiments and visual explorations from a wide demographic of participants, all with a willingness and openness to try new ways of working with video. Having run these walks predominantly with art students in the past, I was surprised and encouraged by how engaged the participants were with more niche approaches to video making. I felt I really threw them in the deep-end of digital video technology, with what is a relatively brief overview of technology and methodology. I expected some hesitation, but they all dove straight in, producing a strong collection of videos to take forward into the final video montage. (Jamie Jenkinson)

Jamie has invited all the workshop participants to send him their favorite videos for inclusion in a video he is making for the Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted project:

Thank you for taking part in the workshop and for being part of this project. From what I saw on both days, and those I have seen online afterwards, I am excited to see all your videos. As we discussed, the videos made by you and those made during the upcoming autumn/winter video walks will be edited together into a new, longer video work to be screened in March 2019. I hope you have enjoyed watching your videos back, and have found a selection you enjoy the most, and that you would like to submit for the final video.