Green Park primary work with DAD on Watermark project

Schools and arts award

The Year 6 children of Green Park Community Primary School received an invitation to visit Buckland Paper Mill in Dover on 9th June 2010.  We walked from the school on a beautiful summer’s day and was met by John Bush who has been working at the Mill for a long time.  We were given a tour around the grounds where we saw evidence of the Mill’s past life. We saw lots of old photographs of the Mill over the years and were given the opportunity to ask our own questions. John showed us the very last sheet of CONQUEROR paper ever made at the Mill!

Following on from our visit we worked in small groups and used role play to explore what life must have been like for all those who worked at the Mill. We thought about how different it must have been for the Mill Managers (including their families) compared to the workers – some of whom were only children! In groups, we used microphones to make recordings of conversations between different groups. These groups included: The Office Managers, managers of other local paper mills, child workers, rag and bone men and women, the insurers, the linen workers and the glue makers.

We then worked together to create a Powerpoint presentation to display our pictures, text and sound files.

Finally, the children worked in 2s or 3s to design and build board games based around the Mill. All games worked well and were played by all children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Mr. Mackie (Green Park Year 5/6 Teacher)