exciting opportunity at the former Buckland paper Mill


Harminder Gill, managing Director of the Gillcrest Group , has actively supported DAD and the Dover Arts Community since 2012 when he came to a showing of  ‘Watermark’ the award winning DAD produced Feature Documentary about Buckland paper Mill.

The last part of the phase 1 development at Dover’s former paper Mill is near completion and it is wonderful to see the development progressing in the thoughtful and beautiful way that it is. The River Dour, so important to Dover and the reason the Mill was built here, runs through the site and is a feature of the development.

Friday October 16th 2020 Petra Matthews-Crow (Ceramic Art Dover) Lisa Oulton (Future Foundry) Kate Beaugié (Dover Studio Collective) and Joanna Jones (DAD) went to view a site at the entrance of the new co-op supermarket, which is part of the Mill building, that Harminder has offered as a possible showcase for work from Dover Artists.

As well as the opportunity to showcase work, there is the possibility of Gillcrest extending the  collection of artists works that were started in 2014 in the first phase of phase 1.

We really enjoyed the visit and are very grateful for the support of this Developer to the Dover Creative Community.

The 90 min feature documentary ‘Watermark’ tells the story of  Buckland Paper Mill through the stories of the people who worked there. It is available on Demand on Vimeo