Elective Affinities

Elective Affinities was an informal afternoon tea discussion with food and drink sourced from trees, instigated by Alma Tischler Wood’s Tree with a View sculpture in collaboration with Jonathan Deacon and in partnership with DAD and the Bay Trust (environmental education). The apple punch was delicious and kept everyone warm.

It took place at LIMBO, Substation project space, in the context of Crate and Limbo’s proposed joint-development of new artists’ studio spaces in Bilton Square, Margate.

For the event, a selection of invited guests were drawn from different practices to discuss the vexed questions of sustainability and contemplative spaces. Guests were asked to bring along something that reminded them of contemplation and sustainability: the objects included a beautiful piece of lace, an egg, needle and thread, a postcard …

The discussion and presentations touched upon themes connecting artists’ studios, a contemplative tree sculpture, markers, thoughts around sustainability relating to artistic practice / building techniques / eco building and reclaimed material.

The event was followed by a viewing of the first model of a Tree with a View at Marine Studios.

Tree with a View is an experiment funded by Prosper, a Canterbury Festival initiative designed and produced by the Map Consortium and Workers of Art.

Photos by Alma Tischler Wood, Clare Smith, Joanna Jones.