Dovertime: new project in the DAD studio

OSO Studio Space

Another project, DOVERTIME, will be using the studio space as a base from May to September this year.

 Dovertime is an experimental film project run by artist Lucy Steggals (in collaboration with DDC, KCC and the BBC). Local people are being invited to donate photographs relating to what they do at particular times of the day. These will be used as inspiration to create a narrative following the day in the life of a fictional character, and may appear as stills in a film to be screened on the Live Site Big Screen in September 2011. The aim is to involve as many people across Dover as possible to create a story in 16 short episodes, each relating to an hour of the day 7am to 11pm.

Please go to the website for details of how to get involved in making the film and contributing photographs.