Dover Talespinners at St Edmunds

St Edmunds Chapel

Dover Talespinners Saturday November 16th 7pm – 8.30 pm

The Dover Talespinners offered a wonderful evening of humour, delight and philosophical musings at St. Edmund’s Chapel .

Audience feedback:

An excellent performance, so full of fun but at the same time getting people to use their imaginations. A very enjoyable couple of hours.

Good variety of speakers including international contributors. Contributions were both impertinent and funny but some stories were a bit long. Overall enjoyable with much to commend it.  

Led by Deborah Gasking, the Dover Talespinners tell stories from far and wide using a variety of oral and visual techniques to reignite the historical oral traditions of passing on wit and wisdom, fairy tales and folktales, myths and mirth.

Deborah Gasking
Lyn Faber
Cemile Aydugmus-Fox
Shay Collyer
Jennifer Starkie
Dave Stone
Gillian Roberts
Lesley Easton
Kevin Groves
Sebnem Eralp

Dover Talespinners wove a series of interconnecting tales centred on a single theme.  Storytelling is an ancient tradition and was particularly prevalent during the 13th Century.  With this in mind, the storytellers chose Nasruddin stories which emanate from this timeframe to reflect the age of the chapel and the traditions that existed at that time.

They offered several stories from the great Mulla Nasruddin – the wise fool.  Nasruddin was a Sufi Visionary and Mystic Jester who lived in 13th Century Middle East. This ancient philosopher, also a teacher and preacher, was known all along the Silk Road for his wisdom and wit.  Tales of Nasruddin have become part of the folklore of a number of nations and cultures; they combine seeming foolishness with a twist that can convey a different but wise message.

A highlight of the evening was a storyteller narrating one of these stories in her native language, Turkish – the country which claims Nasruddin as its own – accompanied by her delightful translator.

The Allotment restaurant, offered  a 10% discount for patrons of the Storytelling evening.