Dover Harbour through the ages

End of Trail Marker

Here are some images of drawings of Dover Harbour through the ages done by pupils at Dover Grammar School for Girls as part of our North Downs Way project. The drawings depict the Harbour in 1450, 1535, 1595, 1595. 1750, 1900 ands 1990.

Joan Weston, art teacher at DGSG, said:

This project gave us a wonderful opportunity to work with a very keen group of year 8 students over a five week period, and introduce them to a diverse range of activities which they then developed into personal responses to the theme.
Walking the trail through Dover gave the girls the chance to develop their photographic skills, focussing their attention on places, buildings and street furniture they see every day, and making them into works of art in their own right by photographing from interesting angles or close up.  Back in school, the girls were taught to digitally manipulate their photographs using Adobe Photoshop, and the resulting work was then transferred onto acrylic sheets by the D.T. technician ready for the display in the box gallery.  We also used the plans for the waterfront as the base for paintings and drawings of the promenade and final place of the Trail.
The girls also enjoyed their session drawing the models of Dover harbour in the museum and using their artistic skills to create lively interpretations of the way the harbour has changed in shape and function over the centuries.
The girls had a workshop run by Mrs. Beaney, where they created plaster casts of objects found on the beach and then painted the resulting sculptures with the vibrant colours they had used on their paintings of the harbour models.

Images by Edda Jones