DAD4DADs pilot

DAD4DADs Six ways to well being

Dover Arts Development (DAD) raised funding from Dover Big Local and Dover Town Council for a community engagement/feasibility study to find fathers (Dads) to participate in an introductory one-day workshop with Dover musician Richard Bundy and dancer Luke Burrough from the Jasmin Vardimon Company.

Five fathers took part in the first workshop. Richard and Luke used movement and music to explore what it is to be a father. Not only the strength and importance of a man in a modern system and family but also his vulnerability and uncertainty resulting in an acknowledgement of the importance of the role of men as sensitive individuals. Greg Stobbs aka Sqirl also took part in the workshop as scribe. No photographs were taken at this first session. The facilitators, who are all dads, joined in when they personally weren’t facilitating or drawing.

Greg Stobbs said:”it was great today Joanna. I got involved in the movement more this afternoon and it was really interesting seeing what dads observe from their kids. Thanks for having me involved.”

Cllr Chris Precious, whose Councillors grant partly funded the DAD4DADs pilot said: “it is so good to see what has been an idea actually turn into reality”