DAD Symposium: Memorialisation – Commemorating the past, Creating the Future. 13 October 2012

War & Peace

“the event today was excellent & the visit to Western Heights was a treat, esp as I’d never been there. I particularly enjoyed the presentations on the virtual war memorial & that of Matthias Koch – think I saw his fire engine when I walked back to my car at Victoria Park. Jon’s condensed history of Dover was also good”

Congratulations for a very enjoyable day yesterday. I thought the theme very relevant for me as I consider how to engage people with the WW1 exhibition I am planning for 2014 and also the extension to the WW2 exhibition this winter.”

I really enjoyed it all very much, the walk, the talks, the music, the lunch and networking.”

“It was a wonderful day – all the speakers were really interesting and informative, and it was a really good idea to start off with the fort, and finish with the boat.”

“A fascinating and sometimes challenging project. Pleased to have been able to support in a small way.”

“This has been a fascinating symposium with many contrasting angles on the subject and providing much food for thought as well as informing the listener (this listener) with much unexpected information – visual + sound.”

“A very enjoyable thoughtful day – full of varied contributions that I will look forward to mulling over during the next few months.”

“Today was full of unexpected pleasures! especially the amazing Bronze Age Boat + the young Queen Elisabeth!”

“So many ways to look at things – ways I’ve not before considered. I could have listened to each speaker for much longer to plunder their thoughts and ideas. Brilliantly conceived day and such fun.”

“A wonderful and informative day.”

“A fascinating day. Lots of ideas to mull over. I particularly liked the variety of concepts that were examined under the theme.”

“A very interesting and eclectic day. Thought provoking”

“An exciting day – memories of school trips to ancient monuments came to mind. Informative talks made me eager to learn more!”

“A very full and exciting day. I thought it was a perfect balance of exploring and sitting back to hear experts. The addition of music was brilliant. I found it very moving.”

“A very thought provoking and entertaining day; fast paced and full of variety.”

“A wonderful, enriching and most serendipitous event. I learned lots and felt both uplifted and humbled at the same time.”

“Fantastic event – well done, touching, poignant and informative.”


“enjoyed every minute of it.”

“In essence however, I left feeling that I’d had a great day, a renewed affection for Dover and a new way of looking at something old; presenting me with lots to think about and more to say. And what better way to end the day than to drink in bubbles and verse. As I listened to Chris Burke’s reading, I had such a great feeling we had connected on the same page! And this experience had a sense of completion for me. I kept my lift home waiting but I am glad I stayed. Often you can’t know what the journey is about until you get to the end, and this end is often the start of a new beginning anyway!”

“the programme was well-thought out and entirely interesting. To add to all the delightful mental and emotional stimulation were two separate incidents of serendipity –  reconnecting with Nigel and Peter, whom we knew from our time at the Royal Academy of Music and remembering that Matthias was a good friend of another very interesting and artistic photographer friend of mine and reconnecting them was also brilliant!”


Photos by John Wood and Chris Burke.