DAD RADIO #11 | Ewan Golder’s ‘Portals’


In advance of its film premiere in July 2021, DAD is delighted to have brought the soundtrack to filmmaker Ewan Golder’s new short film ‘Portals’ to radio on Dover Community Radio (DCR FM), 18th June 2021. ‘Portals’ has been commissioned by Folkestone’s HOP Projects/CT20 as part of the TWF (This Week in Folkestone) Digital Countercultural Archive project.

‘Portals is about the forgotten doors that have been bricked up or sealed, no longer fit to serve their function as an access portal to a realm now forgotten. It’s also about a certain sense of intrigue, of wonder that lies behind every façade. Why was this door sealed up? 

Perhaps we can somehow breathe new life in these neglected sites of our everyday landscape… I would like to know what happens inside these hidden spaces and find out who lives behind the bricked up doors.

These doors become a frontier to an inner realm. Through interviews conducted remotely with locals of Folkestone during the ‘Lockdown’, we hear the voices of people who are confined to their own intimate personal spaces. They reflect on their lives, their loves, and their longings, telling personal stories, recounting memories, dreams, and reflections on the experience.  These hidden personas will inhabit an atemporal, hidden world, lost and forgotten behind the door, all the while the world carries on oblivious to their existence, yet they are still somehow connected with each other. Time runs at a different pace for them and through their common isolation we hope to find their common humanity.’ Ewan Golder

Experienced purely in audio form, Portals’ doors might not be apparent, but these voices offer insights into the intimate and curious connections, worlds and presences that can form within isolation.

Featuring music from Rune Kjær Rasmussen, Nancy’s Place & the ‘Common Ground’ project directed by Carol Grimes.

Funded by Arts Council England, HOP Projects’s TWF is a new archival project of mini documentaries charting contemporary counter-cultures from the margins: experiences and creative expressions of people who have been left outside of the dominant cultural radar. Ewan Golder’s ‘Portals’ is one 6 commissioned projects by artists with a vision for all that is left behind, invisible, emerging and diverse. The project is focused on the geographic areas of Folkestone, Dover and nearby towns.

With thanks to Ewan and HOP/CT20 for working with DAD to bring Portals to DCR FM.

Image credit: stills from film ‘Portals’, Ewan Golder, 2021.