DAD Guardians: announcing Alice Bryant


In December 2020, as part of developing DAD’s organisational structure, DAD appointed 8 Guardians: Helen Lindon, Colin Priest, Alice Bryant, Gabor Stark, Charles Holland, Richard Bundy, Simon Bill & Edda Salander-Jones. Their function is summed up in the term ‘guardian’ and the means is through a non-formalised structure where each, as well as helping steer DAD, can continue working on projects with DAD.

We will be profiling the DAD Guardians through January, February & March 2021:

“What struck me from the DAD: What Next? project was that so many left a project feeling valued; they had been drawn into the core of each project, their ideas listened to. There is this quote I like from Khalil Gibran, an American-Lebanese poet: ‘You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth’. I felt as if DAD had done that well, listening to the voice of Dover’s artists and communities and giving that voice physical form.”
Alice Bryant

Alice Bryant is a freelance writer and educator based in Devon, UK.

Absorbed by landscapes, place-making and the psychogeography of towns and cities, Alice worked with Dover Arts Development on the CHALKUP21 project, to investigate, promote and interview just some of the people who formed part of the tapestry of Kent’s coastline, as well as the overall marketing of the project. Alice returned for DAD’s recent WHAT NEXT? project in order to rekindle interest in CHALKUP21 on social media during the lockdown. She also took the role of scribe for all the WHAT NEXT? zoom salons bringing together artists, thinkers, residents and representatives of organisations for curated conversations about collaboration and the role of a local arts organisation post-Covid-19. She put together a summary from across all four salons drawing out recurring themes and the essence of the conversations, which in turn informed the process of developing  DAD’s organisational structure and the appointment of eight guardians.

Often found in the sea, she has a deep appreciation of coastal towns and a special place in her heart for Dover. Now a guardian of the Dover Arts Development legacy, she hopes to help work to bring DAD’s ethos and ideas of operation forward into the future.

Since graduating from the University of Kent in 2015, she has also worked within a variety of different cultural tourism and arts organisations, including Canterbury Festival, Wise Words festival, The Gulbenkian and Culture Kent. She has written a children’s theatre show, Under the Frozen Moon, with theatre company Half a String and it has had success touring throughout the UK for the last two years. Alice is now dividing her time between freelance work and working in a special educational needs school, where she aims to channel her experience in the arts into an educational setting.