DAD attends opening of the new Dunkerque Library


We were invited to the opening of the new Dunkerque library known as the BiB and were curious to see the new building, having visited the former library a few years ago.

What we saw exceeded our expectations: the building is magnificent and the design of the interior space quite fantastic. The ground floor is open and inclusive and visitors, including the very young, can interact actively with the furnishings, which include “pods” to lie in while reading as well as a wonderful green reclining chair in its own little space. There are DVDS, CDs magazines, comics…. a conscious decision was taken to make DVDs and CDs available to borrow – aspects of material culture, like books, which are potentially at risk of being forgotten in the future at a time of online streaming and so many ways of watching films online.

Upstairs there are shelves filled with books, rooms available for hire by other cultural organisations at no cost, workshop rooms, where we joined in a badge making workshop, and spaces for reading and writing and, for the opening at least, a performance area – several bands, some formed by library employees, entertained the over 8,000 visitors throughout the day.

We were so pleased to see old friends Bruno Cooren, Jean-Luc Duval and Pierre Yves Brest again and to meet Amael Dumoulin.

We ended the day with a wonderful meal of couscous and tagines before catching the last ferry back to Dover from Calais.