Cardboard cutout of Tom Ransley

Cool pens

Schools and arts award

The animated story of Tom Ransley’s Road to Rio is coming along nicely, with students at Astor College and St Mary’s CEP working together to create scenery and images to go with the script and then turning their images into animated sequences using an iPad.

Astor Students have been reflecting on their learning:

Today I learnt to use stop motion animation, which was really fun because we got to use really cool pens to draw with. I also learnt how to film the animation using an iPad. If I did this again then I would put an outline on my drawings to make them stand out more.

Today we learnt how to create cardboard cutouts to be used for stop motion animation. We were joined by some young students from St Mary’s who also made some lovely cardboard designs … Honestly, I didn’t particularly talk to the St. Mary’s students, but, as this is only our first lesson with them, I’m sure I will get to know them better and interact with them more in future. I only made two cutouts myself but other people made a lot more One of my designs was waves, which I found look a lot better if you outline them and draw white highlights on most of them. To sum it up, I had a lot of fund today and throughly enjoyed making the cardboard cutouts.

…I really enjoyed working with the little children. I made two cardboard props….I love the pens! …All the cardboard cutouts look AMAZING. They are very talented primary school children.

… I had a lot of fun telling some of the younger children how to use the stop motion movie….

… I enjoyed being alongside different aged children. An now they all know me as a person who adores sleep…. Stuff I would do different, in the stop motion, I would decrease the characters.

… it was fun to try a new art animation. I have learnt how to make a back board. I would make the back different. When you finish with one colour you wash your brush or use a clean brush. It was really wonderful.

…I have learned that if failed in the picture, you can every time re-do it and make like black and white colours for all the attention. This activities is one of the things that I never do, so it is different for me.

I enjoyed working with St Mary’s yr 6 students because it was fun, enjoyable and messy…we compromise and was drawing/painting about Tom Ransley. Next I’ll change it and instead of painting with pain straight away, draw it first.

We learned and created scenery and pictures for our animations. I made a fish for the river, a river with bushes around it … Next time we will draw our picture on an even bigger piece of cardboard.

Today I drew a Canadian flag and animated it. I really enjoyed doing it.