CHALKUP21 Partner Meeting December 5th 2018


The Partner meeting on 5 December 2018 was co-hosted with Gareth Wiltshire and Carien Kremer of the National Trust in their Van Heyningen and Haward visitor centre.

With its iconic setting on the White Cliffs looking out across the Channel it was a perfect setting for the CHALKUP21 evaluator, Chris Yates, to deliver her short, beautifully constructed presentation of her findings, outlining the project’s key successes in a wonderfully visual and simple way that both reflected CHALKUP21’s graphic branding and embodied a real sense of the project.

CHALKUP21 has successfully established itself as a cultural tourism attraction. Its website,, provides information on the nine CHALKUP21 Art & Architecture structures, information to plan your visit and inspirational artist responses and interviews. The project’s reach has exceeded expectations with National Coverage in The Guardian and Sunday Times, as well as recommendations on numerous other sites and publications. Press coverage was exceptional with a potential reach of over 6 million readers and listeners.

You can read Chris Yates’s full evaluation report here 

Chris then presented an evaluation structure, developed together with CHALKUP21’s website and graphic designer, Edda Salander Jones. All that is needed to assemble the structure are 2 paper clips and a pair of scissors to make 2 tiny cuts! The structure’s roof and walls are covered inside and out with some of the key evaluation points, designed to keep CHALKUP21 in the forefront of the partners’ minds. Along with the ‘home build’ structure, partners were presented with two Fact Sheets – one for partners and one for artists – on how to keep CHALKUP21 going for the benefit of all.

Much of the success of CHALKUP21 is due to the strong partnerships that have been made with the CHALKUP21 partners and contributing artists and architects. In line with the co-productive nature of these partnerships the second part of the evening was given over to a lively discussion around the topic of Buildings as living structures led by Gareth WiltshireThe White Cliffs Visitor Centre is an example of a building that was built for the requirements of the National Trust twenty years ago, or so one thought, but Gareth and Carien revealed some fascinating original architect’s plans that they have recently discovered and that show that the architect had forseen many of the requirements that the building is now missing. However, lack of finance by the Trust  at the time meant these had not been incorporated. The discussion touched on how architects and commissioners can or should best deal with increased demand for capacity and changing requirements and how  organisations have managed expectations and dealt with the reality of using new spaces. Alstair Gould and Kristian Bird contributed with some experiences from the Pines Calyx as did Steve Walker with insights relating to the Education Shelter at Samphire Hoe. Derek Leach brought his insight and knowledge, informed partly from years of the invaluable work the Dover Society undertake commenting on “All’ planning applications for Dover .

The focus of the evening was on what has been achieved in the 18 months of DAD’s CHALKUP21 programme and how these achievements can continue to benefit Dover and the District.  See update