Bunting Forever Cupcake making and Tea Party

Schools and arts award

Dover’s Market Square and main shopping street is now festooned with colourful lengths of woolly bunting hung to welcome the Olympic Torch to Dover. The year-long project has resulted in 2,000 metres of bunting made by over 400 people of all ages. To celebrate this fantastic achievement we ran a cupcake baking and decorating workshop followed by a tea party today, 2 July. The tea party brought together children from St Mary’s C of E primary school, teenagers, as well as younger and older adults. The children sang for the other guests and it was clear that they especially enjoyed thinking up things to do to the drunken sailor!

Today I felt privileged to be part of a gathering of people from various generations who worked together but also had fun together. I had not interacted with children in I cannot remember how long. I was moved by their energy but also by the support I felt the older people in the group were giving everyone younger than them. Being a young adult working very much alone most of the time I was moved at the readiness of others to help me.I would have not been able to make my bunting triangle without that group and it was an experience I found most fulfilling.” (Korinna McRobert, artist in residence with DAD during July 2012)