Bunting Forever beats one mile target

Bunting Forever

The year-long Bunting Forever project is now reaching its climax and the first lengths of bunting were hung in the Market Square on Wednesday 19 June.

It was a hugely exciting moment. All the hard work and patient craft that has gone into the making of the pennants is now out in the public realm for all to see. This project has involved so many people with every flag reflecting the character of the person who put the time into making it.

The project is unique to Dover and has been one way in which the general public has been able to get meaningfully involved in the Olympics. In times of austerity, the handmade is re-invigorated and re-valued. In a culture of instant gratification, the art of making takes time, skill and commitment. These values, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic values of friendship, respect, excellence, equality, determination and inspiration underlie the project and have brought together people and skills from Dover and beyond.

It is often not until you see the impact of a project that you can truly appreciate it and the sight of the bunting running up from the Market Square to the Town Hall has surprised everyone – sceptics and believers alike.