Buckland Mill Revisted


On 27 November 2014 we arranged for  a group of former Buckland Mill paper makers  to view  the show maisonettes that the developer Gillcrest homes have made from the former Buckland Mill “Salle” and clock tower building. We had got to know all the paper makers when making Watermark, the DAD 90-minute feature documentary production about the mill and its closure in 2000, told through the men and women who worked there.

Polly & Bill Osbourne, Mr and Mrs Polden with daughters Judith and Hazel, Carol and Arthur Gill, Ron and Delia Wright, Pat Avery, Dave and Lindsey Langley, Mike Grigsby and his wife and Colin Bailey  were all shown around their former work space by Matthew Nicolaou. There was a general feeling of pleasure and wonder at the quality of the development, as well as the feeling that the maisonettes would especially appeal to a younger generation.

On the invitation of Harminder Gill of Gillcrest, the corridors have been brought to life with paintings, drawings and prints by Kate Beaugie, John Dargan, Joanna Jones, Rob McDonald, Tania McCormark, Clare Smith, Mike Tedder and Gillian Westgate in a group show called “Buckland Mill Revisited”, which refers to DAD’s early involvement with the site, dating back to 2008.