BIG Draw 2020

What Next?

We would like to invite you to take part in The Big Draw Festival by making a drawing responding to the theme ‘A Climate of Change’.

Dover Big Local Art 31, in partnership with DAD, has led Dover’s Big Draw since 2013, as a public, family friendly event that responds to an annual theme set by The Big Draw Festival.

This year we are running the event online on Monday October 26th.

‘2020 The Big Green Draw Festival #ClimateOfChange, focuses on the relationship between people and our living environments and ecosystems; highlighting how we live today and the ways in which we do and do not harmonise with nature. The Big Green Draw is eager to help showcase mindsets and actions that proactively support positive symbiosis between people and the Earth’.

We are encouraging work that  promotes the strap line ‘you have everything you need’, encouraging participants to use and be creative with whatever they have around them, in their home, garden, environment etc to make their response. Once you have created your response we would like you to photograph it and post it on the dedicated instagram @dover_bigdraw or email  it to Frejya Matthews-Crow  who will share it on our Instagram page @dover_bigdraw on Monday October 26th.

If this appeals to you we would also like to encourage you to make a short, time lapse video recording whilst you are creating your response !  Again, this will be shared on our Instagram page throughout Monday 26th October.

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We look forward to seeing your work on October 26th