Banksy brings international interest to Dover


Between May 6th and May 7th 2017 artist Banksy gifted Dover an iconic art work that has brought interest to Dover from all over the World.

There has been much talk over the last years of the need for an iconic art work in Dover and overnight one arrived.

Not only is it aesthetic and brilliantly painted but like all good art wortks it is open to different interpretations and has initiated much discussion.

Joanna was on Radio Kent in the morning of its arrival


Martin Rosefeldt with Cristoph Krauss on camera made a 6 min report about Dover, Banksy and Brexit for ARTE, the German French Cultural TV network’s Metropolis  on June 11th 2017. The report includes clips from the 2012 DAD feature documentary Watermark and interviews amongst others Joanna Jones and Richard Bundy.

And NOW what’s going to happen to the Banksy?

June 16th Joanna spoke again on Radio Kent and local MP Charlie Elphicke started a movement to ‘keep the Banksy in Dover’.


In November 2017 we were sent this poem


Veni Vidi Banksy

With playful polemic, the prankster painter

Depicts a precarious workman

Pointedly chipping our EU star.


In clear view of border-crossing lorry drivers,

For now, until our whim-decision of 2016

Stills the incessant flow of goods, and

This dusty town, once in Caesar’s aim,

Becomes poorer still. We cut the cords

The Roman politician lashed to our shores

To bind us to civilisation, to

Prosperity and opportunities, for some. Yet

We had sailed with Bronze age zeal

Long before and traded for ourselves.

Our great boat lay close by Banksy’s barb, waking

After three thousand years to sing its carved song

Of ancient enterprise and daring.


Steps away from this sprayed farewell

Is the Roman Painted House, where Bacchus will

Forever raise a glass, while we weep

Into our Shepherd Neame.


Will we succumb, as lackeys to another empire,

Begging to add our used star to its flag,

Or will we fly a new banner, stitched

More with hope than skill.