All set to go on the Western Heights


Artist John Dargan  met with Sarah Price, Sarah Abbott, Paul Wells and Phil Eyden, from the Western Heights Preservation Society, and Joanna from DAD,  to discuss John’s art work with his host partner. There was a lively discussion around how to handle the theme of death, associated with the number of wounded and dead who came back through Dover in WW1, with young people and families on open days up at the Drop Redoubt.

It was agreed that John would test an idea out with visitors at the next Western Heights open day on the May30th/31st 2015 weekend.

John also showed the drawings and animations he has made so far for his artwork. They  were very well received, with Phil Eyden saying that he was “stunned by the images and the annimation is superb.” John noted comments on uniform colour and there followed an interesting discussion on the line between historical accuracy and “artistic licence”.

Phil promised to send John another photo, Sarah Price is sending John a piece of music and song.  John said “without Phil’s book on WW1, I wouldn’t have had anything to work with”

The meeting also included a conversation on souvenirs, with Sarah Abbott sharing valuable information about what sells in the Western Heights shop and agreeing with John a way forward.

And lastly it was agreed to start the DMAG Joined Up Project Visitor Survey on the May weekend and if 100 are not achieved to complete the rest at the September Open day.

All in all a very productive couple of hours.