‘Alice’ has the go ahead

Kearsney Interpreted

Artist Alma Tishlerwood’s ‘Alice’ has successfully got planning permission to be built in Kearsney Abbey

It has been a long process but ‘Alice’ finally has the go ahead.

Alice‘ will be composed of pre-existing recycled timber that is already on site.

The sculpture has been designed to minimize its ecological impact, to provide a space for enhanced community engagement, to improve access for disabled users, to support the ecological sustainability of the parks, to increase visitors and new audiences, and to be a platform for a greater appreciation of Kearsney Abbey.

We are so pleased to see the installation of ‘Alice’ in Kearsney Abbey. This will be a beautiful space for performance and quiet contemplation. Community Engagement Officer, Kearnsey Parks

Alma Tischlerwood will be working with Rob Hedley Dray on the construction.