A Town on the edge


Richard Bundy’s film about Dover, A Town on the Edge premiered at the Dover Film Festival  on March 5th 2017.

This story of Dover is told by people who live and work there, rhythmically  brought together with images and music by Richard Bundy.

“I wanted to make a film to highlight the positive aspects of Dover but I soon found that these positive aspects of Dover were only there because of the suffering and the pain that exists in Dover Town and to ignore that is to disregard the true heart of the town. It is weathered and it is battle worn but it is this that gives Dover it’s value; because Dover has never been just a seaside town with sticks of rock fairground rides and a pier. After three and a half thousand years of deep history the most important line of defence in two world wars and witness to acts of defiance heroism and victory it changes a town it changes the people of the town” Richard Bundy

The film gives an insight into the the very fabric of Dover, a town always on the edge.

The film was supported by the Dover Big Local National Lottery Funding and Dover Arts Development.