A 1975 Mercedes fire engine is in town

War & Peace

Photographer Matthias Koch has arrived in Dover with his 1975 Mercedes Fire Engine. He is here by invitation of Dover Arts Development (DAD) to take a series of photographs of Dover as part of DAD’s latest project: War & Peace.

Matthias takes photographs of sites of historical importance. He is interested in the overlap of two layers of time. Places, where previously something particular happened, might have only a few visible traces left or might be entirely changed. Matthias chooses the distanced perspective of a heightened viewpoint to gain an expansive detailed overview referencing the distance in time from the historical event. Matthias achieves his wonderful photographs by photographing from the top of the ladder of his fire engine. In the daytime you may see him and his fire engine around town; at night it will be amongst friends at the Dover Transport Museum. He asks you to please forgive him if he is driving too slowly.

Matthias says “I have found traces from many different periods of Dover’s multiple histories. For example I have found the remains of the Hoverport with a Hovercraft propeller still visible, alongside the new arrival point for cruise ships and I have seen four seals taking advantage of the empty Hoverport site to lie in the sun