Helen Lindon, Clare Smith and Joanna Jones met each other during the early days of Dover Arts Development (DAD) and the evolving art scene in Dover and Folkestone.

DAD invited Helen Lindon to introduce the Port of Dover’s paintings in the Land & Sea exhibition at the Dover Yacht Club and co-lead the Land & Sea watercolour workshop in 2015. Also in 2015 Helen invited Clare and Joanna to exhibit their work at the Lindon Studio and co-lead an elemental workshop on Folkestone’s Harbour Arm for SALT, Festival of the Sea and Environment 2015.

In 2016 Dover Town Council commissioned DAD to deliver the Pebbles project  to deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of the geology of chalk and pebbles. The project included a range of events and elements and provided an opportunity for the artists to make another collaborative work, this time a moving image piece, for SALT 2016 using the beach below the Pebbles kiosk at the eastern end of the Dover esplanade.

The moving image piece, A Parable for Endeavour, in which the artists were the protagonists, camera people and editors was shown at the Lindon Studio in Folkestone and at the Silver Screen cinema in Dover.

SALT went on to commission 2 more videos from the artists who in 2019 presented the trilogy at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone.

A Parable for Endeavour 2016

No Horizon 2018

Moon Talk 2019

As the artists enjoy working together, they have decided to call their collaboration US3 and now have a dedicated website US3 website.