Between Beacon & Shaft

Entre Phare et Shaft/Between Beacon and Shaft, a Compagnie Par le mot ! production, was performed in September 2013 by Nicolette Picheral and Dover-based electric guitarist Colin Hinds, under the direction of Stéphane Vérité, in Dover’s Drop Redoubt Fort and  Grand Shaft in english and in the Lighthouse of Dunkirk in french as part of Dunkerque 2013 capitale régionale de la culture.

Between Beacon and Shaft is a fable about maritime borders, particularly the Straits of Dover, weaving together quotes from historical archives with a fictional mysterious beacon/shaft.

Napoleon, wrote on 2nd July 1804  to Vice-Admiral Latouche-Tréville:

“If we can be masters of the Channel for six hours, then we shall be masters of the world”.

A story about ‘the piece of land that became fluid’ between Dover and France

It’s the eternal question: where do I end and you begin? Where is the border line? Is it on the fabric of your shirt, or a foot away from your body, or halfway between you and me? What if we’re on opposite sides of the street?…..

This audio version in english for the radio was  premiered by Dover Community Radio on July 20th 2014.

Writer and storyteller: Nicolette PICHERAL

Music and interpretation: Colin HINDS
Artistic director: Stéphane VÉRITÉ
Technician: Christian CARTIER



Full text here full-text-entre-phare-et-shaft-english