A pocket guide

A pocket sized guide with tips for artists and local authorities on working together.

As part of the Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted project Dover Arts Development (DAD) and Dover District Council (DDC) produced a couple of guides. One  ‘How to work with local authorities – a guide for artists’ and the other is ‘How to work with artists – a guide for local authorities’. Both guides are combined in one booklet ( flip the booklet over and it can be read from each end).

They are designed by Edda Jones who has worked with DAD right from the beginning and is responsible for all DAD’s branding and graphic design.

The Artists Guide can be downloaded here

The Local Authorities Guide can be downloaded here

If you would like a hard copy please send us an email with your postal address info@dadonline.uk

The guide has been well received and was presented at the Techne Interfaces digital conference for doctoral researchers funded through the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), a scheme that brings PhD students and industry partners together to build relationships between research, creativity, policy and business. The cohort comprises of three main categories of innovation: creative economies, heritage and artificial intelligence. The guides were presented in the Collaborative Working in the Arts and Creative Economies session with the organisers saying : they felt we had some really fruitful conversations and a lot of people showed an interest in the pocket guide.

Very good and very informative without being information overload !

They’re clear, they’re succinct, they’re accessible and they’re just practical. It’s not rocket science but it DOES serve as a useful reminder and recalibrator from time to time.