Philippe Bazin

Philippe Bazin lives in Paris and exhibits widely in solo and group exhibitions internationally. He was one of the photographers chosen for the DAD Photography Commissions 07/08, a strand of the Embarkation project. During his residency he obtained access to the Port of Dover and you can see some of his photographs here.  Click here for an image of his work installed in the freestanding signboards in Dover. The published version of the work is on the Dover Port page of his website.

Since early 2000, his art has developed around the notions of joining faces and landscape, whether via photography or with film. In the mid 1990s, his practice focused on the human face interpreted through large format black and white images of the elderly, newborns, adolescents and prisoners. Bazin’s specific focus has been to explore the interconnection between the processes of work and their spectacle, creating a sense of the monumental from everyday activities.